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what Our Clients Say

  • Aliette is one of the few attorneys I have met who does what she says and says what she means....never got empty promises and always got the straight truth.

    - Ana
  • I am very happy with Ms. Carolan and her professional service. She upholds a superior degree of professionalism and she is very knowledgeable in her profession. She has worked very hard on my case and the final ruling on the case is proof in itself. I will continue to seek Ms. Carolan's professional service whenever necessary.

    - Sarah
  • Aliette represented me in my divorce mediation. She was responsive and extremely knowledgeable. Her fees were reasonable and I always felt that she was honest and had my best interest in mind. The process of divorce is extremely trying and Aliette was professional while also being compassionate. I would highly recommend her.

    - Leila
  • Aliette represented me in my time sharing and reunification case. She was honest, professional, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. As a result the court and mediation were successful . The mediator complemented "what a great attorney you have" Aliette, was always responsive to my needs. Her fees were resonable.

    - Sam
  • I retained Ms. Hernandez Carolan to represent a family member in a divorce proceeding. Ms. Carolan was responsive, effective and maintained a positive and supportive attitude throughout the process. Even after the divorce was finalized Ms. Carolan assisted us with ensuring some pending issues that were stipulated in the mediation settlement were fully complied with.

    - Kevin
  • My meetings with Aliette were always professional. I was constantly impressed with not only her knowledge but also her caring nature. As my case progressed, I was continuously reminded of her human side. I always felt like she had my best interests at heart. This was my first divorce experience, but I always felt at

    - Scott
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